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I’m cold on the inside

I’m cold on the outside

Warm on the world

Cold out the world

Too many songs are sung

I’m making my own one

I listen intently

Hear it breathing

Out my lungs

I sing it good

I play it good

Hit the strings

Down and up

Down down

Down and up

Down down

All up in my panic

It feels so good


released March 4, 2015




Cloudsgrey Valiant San Francisco, California

I write songs about life/death/experience, I picked up the guitar as it being a foreign object, I am tranquil in my heart. my song's are inspired by my written poetry, and influenced by existentialism, satire, dry bleak humor. And all though I would not say I am the best guitarist, I do take pride in my lyric's, which is why I play guitar, for poetry is music, and deserve's color. I just enjoy it. ... more

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